KNX Advanced Course in Spain (English language)

Become an expert installer of KNX protocol.

And make your installations full equip

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 The course will take place next October, the days 2nd to 4th.

I will be the first KNX training in English language organised in Spain, because of that we offer it with


Depending on the preferences of the assistants it will be located in Madrid, Gijón or Palma de Mallorca.

Why would you want to take this course?

If you want to take your basic KNX knowledge to the next level, then the advanced course is the right course to follow.


The following topics are conveyed during a KNX Tutor course:
Fail-safe planning
HVAC control with KNX
Integrated applications
Lighting control
Security technology
Logic operations
Visualisation Systems
ETS Apps
KNX and Multimedia
KNX and Smart Metering/Smart Grid

It will be given by:


Formación SAPIENX

SAPIENX AUTOMATION CEO.  Industrial Engineering by “Escuela Politecnica de Ingeniería de Gijón”, first KNX Trainer in Spain (1998). He is KNX Tutor Trainer all over the world since 2011.

Julio has won  the KNX International Award 2012 of the European category  with his project of Integration of the Headquarters of “Fundación Metal de Asturias” in Avilés.

He has  a wide experience in Building Automation because of his participation in a huge number of projects and a long career, of about 20 years, teaching and certificating  KNX installers, about 350 courses and 3600 students.

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KNX Advanced Course

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